Saturday, October 19, 2013

DropShell: a Dropbox-Uploader based shell!

With the last Dropbox Uploader update, I've released the first version of DropShell,  an interactive DropBox shell.

DropShell allows you to interact with your DropBox folder using a terminal like interface, supporting the most common unix commands: ls, cd, pwd, get, put, cat, rm, mkdir, mv, cp, free, lls, lpwd, lcd, help, exit.

DropShell v0.1
The Intractive DropBox SHELL
Andrea Fabrizi - [email protected]

Type help for the list of the available commands.

andrea@DropBox:/$ ls
 [D] Camera Uploads
 [D] Public
 [D] scripts
 [D] ServerBackup
andrea@DropBox:/$ cd ServerBackup
andrea@DropBox:/ServerBackup$ ls
andrea@DropBox:/ServerBackup$ get

Fork it on github!